Why not?
· We are a professional and experienced tour group. We will not make you find us.  We meet you in Rome. You will never have to drag your bags blocks to find your hotel. The private villas or Grande Hotels in Tuscany are staffed for your arrival through departure. The Grand Hotels where we stay in Rome allow us to stop in front and disembark.

· There will never be a tour guide holding some unusual contraption so you will have to find the group leader. You will have personalized service that ensures you are always met on time.

·  Meet locals and relax along the way; therefore ensuring your visit is not seeing Tuscany through the window of the coach.

Tour Highlights

You are met in Rome by the owner and the assistant. They will transport you to the beautiful countryside where you will stay in a private villa or a Grand Hotel that will accommodate the size of the group (maximum 18 people). Daily short excursions to various parts of Tuscany are arranged for your pleasure.


For instance:
· Experience local wine tastings in Montepulciano along the way, en route to Hotel Continentale Arezzo. 

·   One day is devoted to local agriturismo where you will work side by side for a few hours with the local farmers picking olives and grapes. Afterwards you will feast on a lunch of local specialties prepared by the farmhouse staff for your enjoyment.
·  Travel to beautiful Sienna on market day to experience the local market filled with wonderful foods you will collect for a group picnic along the countryside of Tuscany. Additionally you  can find some local treasures in the marketplace along with those beautiful coated outdoor tablecloths that last forever!
·  No Tuscan trip is complete until you have arrived in Florence to experience all it has to offer. Experience a private guided tour of Uffizi and Academia (David) museums with lunch in between.
·  After a week of enjoyment we will transport you back to Rome for two days of sightseeing, visit the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain to throw your three coins. Visit the Vatican for a private guided tour.




Our Experience

Best of Italy tours are managed and led by the sole owner.  You are guaranteed a safe, fun, and adventurous passage to the best Italy has to offer. Having over 10 years' experience living and working in Europe, as well as leading tours in France and Italy, you will be assured of a professional and well organized trip personalized just for you

about US

Best of Italy Travels is a privately owned company specializing in small group travel to Tuscany and Calabria with arrivals and departures from Rome. Part of the larger entity, The World Travels™,Best of Italy Travels will transport you from the mundane everyday life to one filled with adventure. You'll have time to relax, learn to cook, experience the joy of local wines and live like a local... truly slow travel.
We will never expect you to meet us in an obscure village via train or bus; we meet you in Rome and escort you throughout your trip. You will enjoy daily excursions from your hotel or private luxury villa to such wonderful places like Castello di Meleto to enjoy wine tastings, olive oils from the farm and specialty chocolates created at the castle.